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What is the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs?

Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs is a full-time, post-graduate training program which offers rigorous, experience-based training for individuals who want to develop effective and marketable leadership skills and become involved in civic activities. The program is offered in Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and St. Louis, where it is operated by FOCUS St. Louis.

St. Louis hosts a class of 12 Coro Fellows who are chosen through a competitive national selection process. They are bright, self-initiating, and self-managing individuals with a commitment to public service. They have diverse personal identities and come from varied socioeconomic, educational, work, geographic, and political backgrounds.

Coro Fellows use the community as a classroom through placements, issue studies, weekly seminars, and site visits and interviews with community leaders. Through these learning experiences, they gain broad exposure to the region and develop competencies to make more effective decisions as future public leaders.

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The Coro Fellows’ experiential learning model relies on the generous support of the St. Louis community. Central to their learning are seven project placements which expose Fellows to the business, government, labor, electoral politics, and nonprofit sectors. Placement hosts provide a challenging project, supervision and feedback, and commit to a financial contribution to support the Fellows’ program. Hosts receive the benefit of a completed, high stakes project; the Fellow learns about the structure, culture, and role of the host organization in the region.

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