Webinar: The Power of Resiliency – Why We Need It and How We Develop It

Date(s) - April 17, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


In these days of seemingly endless change and uncertainty, the value of resilience is (and should be) top of mind for many. This ability to endure and bounce back in the face of adversity, and to adapt to changing circumstances, is valuable in good times, and indispensable during a crisis. But is resiliency an innate trait that you’re either born with or not, or is this a quality that can be cultivated over time?

Join Dr. Cheryl Throgmorton and Dr. David Rowan of Psychological Associates for a webinar on the Power of Resiliency – why we need it, and how we develop it in ourselves and those we lead.


FREE and open to all; registration required.

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