Webinar: Critical Conversations – How to Choose Courage Over Judgment in Difficult Times

Date(s) - April 10, 2020
11:00 am - 11:45 am


Our brains are wired to keep us safe by keeping things simple. Which means it’s really easy to jump to judgment. Add stress, fear, and major uncertainty, like the times we are in now, and the judgment and frustration can easily turn to anger, tearing us apart.

It is in times like these we must come together, even when separated for safety and health. In these weird and unprecedented times, what does it look like to give the most generous assumption to others? What are the tools to cope with our strong emotions? How do we communicate what we want and need while also respecting that sometimes others just don’t have it to give? Join Justine Froelker, Certified Daring Way™ & Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, for this live webinar to learn how to choose courage in the most difficult times.


FREE and open to all; registration required.

About the Presenter

Justine Froelker is an engaging speaker and educator. She is also one of fewer than 700 Certified Dare to Lead ™ Facilitators trained and certified by Dr. Brené Brown. For more than 20 years Justine Froelker has worked in some capacity of traditional mental health, helping people cope with their stress in a healthy way, communicate more effectively with the people they love and lead, and walk in their whole truth. Justine is also the author of three best-selling books. She gave two TEDx talks in 2017 and currently travels speaking for workshops, retreats, and corporate trainings.

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