Elevate Leadership: Productive Conflict

Date(s) - November 20, 2020
8:00 am - 12:00 pm


This event will be presented virtually; Zoom log-in details will be provided to registrants.

Do you find yourself avoiding conflict?

Conflict is an inevitable part any relationship, whether it be friends, family, or coworkers. A difference of opinions between individuals can produce strong reactions in both parties resulting in conflict. If not handled correctly, this conflict can lead to serious and long-lasting problems. Because of this, we are all too often conflict-averse and seek to avoid it at all costs for fear of it becoming destructive.

While avoidance may prevent harmful conflict from occurring, it also prevents individuals from taking part in productive conflict. If handled correctly, conflict can be a useful tool for engaging in unfiltered discussion, developing new ideas, and testing different approaches. Rather than focusing on how to avoid conflict, this session is designed to help you build self-awareness around your reactions to and behaviors in conflict as well as how to adapt your approach to produce productive conflict.


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About the Presenter

Aaron Van Groningen is a facilitator with Hicks-Carter-Hicks LLC. Founded in 1999 by Gloria Carter-Hicks, President, CEO & Owner, the organization provides consulting, coaching and training to national and multinational clients. The H-C-H team possesses years of experience in the areas of human resources, organizational development / change management, executive coaching, training & development, management consulting and project management.

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